IMG_0673“Oh beloved, take away what I want, take away what I do, take away what I need, take away everything that takes me away from you” – Rumi

What takes us away from something which is actually close to the “original” us? How do you define it and can you actually ‘see’ it? and strangely enough those are the things which really binds us. What are those?

Attachments. We are attached to so many things in our day to day lives. From cellphones to books, from food to clothing, from cars to emotions and from hearts to souls. We are all attached to something or the other. Many of these attachments are simple enough for us to stay away from them, albeit even for a short while. Those attachments are a reminder that we can actually do without any attachments. Unless we watch out carefully, attachments are the ones which turn to addictions. Then it becomes much harder to pull away from them.

Attachments are an illusion, Detachment is real.

When you look at detachments, they are strangely more real than being attached. When you can detach from something which you like, you feel better over a very short period of time. When someone stops an addiction, even like smoking – strangely it feels so good even over a short period of time. That’s the secret behind detaching. As attachments are an illusion, they feel real most of the time. It is so hard to phantom living without them. But once if you consciously look at those attachments, then they do not make sense. If they are real, they will make sense and you will be convinced. The more you are able to “look” at them, the easily you will realise, you can do without them.

Like for any detachment, initially there is false pain which is purely because of losing the false pride, there is false anger which is the result of losing the false bond and there is definitely false energy drain which is the result of losing the false love. When you start watching these, then detachment feels real.

We are trained to think that detachment is bad, because it gives the above symptoms and we are not able to bear them. Only when we are able to look above this, then we are able to see the bliss. That is the simple reason why detachment is real.

Like Rumi says, we must be able to offer our attachments consciously to be able to move closer to the ones which are real.

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