DSC_0051“Walk patiently through this troubled world and you will find great treasure. Even though your house may be small, look within it” – Rumi

How is it possible that some human being, or an occasion caused by a human being, can suck your energies in an instant? It’s such a feeling that you are left totally drained by it. It is also amazing to realise only humans can do to each other most of the time, and they do it to other creatures around them without even realising they are doing it. It’s an amazing troubled world.

When we start looking deeper into this energy-draining-humans and instances, one thing is evident. The more you are attached to the person, instance or the thought – the more you feel the energy drains. It might be that the actual drain is less, but your body feels it more. The feelings take over the body – you are hurt more than you actually are.

Detachment is the solution. Easier said than done. When you start getting detached from the circumstances, the person or the thought – energies stay with you. It is strange.

The more detached you are, the more attached the energies are to you.

This is the trick. When you want your energies, start detaching from the world around you. The world is a chaotic troubled place. The energies help to find the world within you. That is a fascinating world. The physical, material world around you is impermanent and ridden with troubles. Let’s forget that – let’s try to save the energies you have everyday to find the world within you. This is what I infer from Rumi today.

Om Shanti!

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