DSC_0036I come to you without me, come to me without you.~Rumi

When is the time you can be without you? To understand this – we must go deeper into what really constitutes you? The true nature of every individual being is goodness. By original nature, we are pure and not clouded. True innocence beholds the minute we go deeper into ourselves. How can we go to the original “you”?

When we start shedding our falseness, true nature beholds.

When we grow up and the so called process of maturing ourselves, we do not realise that we are only adding layers of so called knowledge, societal norms, rules that govern us, to-do’s, cannot-do’s and so much more. We tend to become absolved into these thinking that this is the true nature we are supposed to be. We have in this process, forgotten our innocence. We are reminded time and again by our children and children around us – we refuse to see it, only belittling it by saying that this “kiddish”. By the time we start seeing how our true nature is covered layer by layer with these growing up falsities, we are already too deep in them.

The time is now to start stripping our false covers one by one. This is not an easy one – as we have fallen in love with our new corrupt “you” – it’s hard to let go. There are so many things which binds us. We have to start stripping slowly but steadily -with conviction that this is not me and this must go. This takes time, as we have so many covers till we reach the true “you”. When we reach there, nothing else matters – because we would already be in bliss.

If we can practice this in our relationships, there is no expectations – when you are the real you, where is the question of even expecting.

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