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How is it with this love, I see your world and not you? ~Rumi

How do we see one’s world without that person? This is about living the other person’s life as that person does – and when you see that world as yours, when you completely own it beyond just being part of it – amazingly the other person does not exist in the form you earlier thought. That world which belongs to the other person which truly belongs to both of you – seamlessly blends that person. What you see as a wish, a thought, an action, the drama all are nothing but a manifestation of what the other person sees and thinks about. You see that person in everything, every small thing – you tend to not see the person as a person but a manifestation.

When you see the world through the life of another, you also lose yourself eventually.

Love in the purest form is nothing but a union of two individual being’s thoughts as one. Love is about accepting the other person as they are and at the same time – losing your ego to accept their world. True love in many ways unconditional. when you do have specific conditions to be loved or to be in love, you have not yet merged the two worlds. There is always expectations about how you want to see that world. The minute you lose yourself, disappear and become invisible in the bliss of that union of two souls, thoughts become one – worlds manifest as one, acceptance becomes the norm, there is no giving in as you are always ready to receive anything, there is just that world which belongs to the two souls – without even the two people as they are already in every single atom of that connected space.

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