Look for the answer inside your question ~ Rumi

When we have a question, we want the answer. We have become impatient. Impatience is the new way of life. Everything circles around instantaneous gratification. This goes to the mind and the questions we have. How have we lost the patience to even think about the question. As children we tend to be impatient, just generating a lot of questions and we want the answers to it. We do not even have the patience to digest the answers to the questions asked. As a child, what is interesting is that when someone answers to one question, the mind is so fresh it grasps the answer, understands it fully and jumps to the next question. The key is to keep the mind fresh to receive and grasp the answer. As we grow up, we are already clouded with perceptions, known answers and pre-thought answers. How would we be able to receive those new answers? But do we really need to ask so many questions?

If you know the question, believe that you also know the answer.

Every question comes from the basic quest to know more. If there are answers in the question itself, we have to prepare us to first go deeper into ourselves. Only when we understand the need for that question, we shall be able to find the answer. It is not the question which will give us the answer, it is the mind which brings up the question which also has the answer. If we go deeper and ask “why is this question coming to me now?”, we will know the answer to that question. If all answers are within us, how do we grow intellectually? – this is not about growing intellectually, it is about growing internally. It is about the trust which you can place on yourself. If you stop questioning yourself, you will already know it. The universe always conspires to send you the answer. It is about being patient and open to receive the answer. If you know the question, believe that you also know the answer. Be patient, take a walk, sit in stillness, be aware – the answer is around you.

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