I closed my mouth and spoke to you in a hundred silent ways. ~ Rumi

I remember reading another book which said this differently – “A human being is the only creature who can feel all alone in a crowd and crowded when all alone”. We know it, how much ever we try to be alone, we are generally never alone. Thoughts about past and future never let us to be alone. Especially thoughts about the past are our worst enemies. They can be both good or bad thoughts. They never do good to us. They either make you cringe, upset or remorseful about a bad past – or be extremely happy about something which has already passed. You can uplift yourself from the present bad moment you might be having, but that can only be a temporary solution. There are a number of thoughts about “Living in the now” or the present – it becomes harder to practice. But, what has this got to do with speaking in silence?

The more you are aware of the present, the more you can hear in silence.

When your mind is crowded about the past, or contemplating the future – your ears and mind are closed to the messages you receive from the loved ones. You are pre-occupied with thoughts which are not going to help the present. The minute you quiet yourself – be aware and sit silent, you will hear a thousand messages which are meant for that moment from the ones you care about. We as human beings are always hankering for the clear and loud indications, forgetting the instincts, subtle messages that are sent to us. There are a million souls willing to help us and send constant messages to us – only when we sit in silence, be one with ourselves – then we can hear the silent messages. There is answer to every moment of your life – there are energies which guide you, guard you and lead you to the right path. How do we practice to listen to those messages in silence. God also speaks only in silence, never when you are crowded.

One thought on “Loud Silence

  1. Silence will transcend you a state of calm and let you rejoice the short glimpses of clarity in thoughts and purpose.

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