Diyas for diwali

What hurts you, blesses you. Darkness is your candle ~ Rumi

What hurts you? have you sat down and thought what are the list of things that really hurts you? When we sit and think through most of the things that hurt us, we realise that everything is related to our ego. Whatever can hurt us can only touch the ego which covers us. We get hurt by words, thoughts, actions, negativity, feelings and much more – all of which can only touch our ego. Whenever our ego gets touched, it is where anger originates. We have blended so much with our ego, that we are no longer able to see us different from the ego. We feel as if we have gotten really hurt whereas only our ego was touched. If we are able to see us different from the ego and sense that ego is just a cover to our true self, what can really hurt us? Our pure self is really beneath our false ego, and we must realise that our true self can never be touched by anything that only hurts our ego.

Remove the ego, everything you then receive is just a blessing.

When we truly realise that only ego is getting affected, what a true liberation it would be if we in turn want to get the ego to be affected, battered and ego get hurt, so that it leaves us? it gets killed? that is liberating. If you see any hurt then you will start to welcome it, knowing very well it is going to help kill the ego. The more ego gets battered, the more it would distance itself from you, the true self. In that nature of hurt lies a great blessing which you must learn to welcome. The minute we are able to distance ourself from our ego, bliss originates. Anger has no place, as anger is only connected to the ego. When ego goes, so does your anger. It has no residence in you. The more purer you get, the more bliss you are in. In that sense, darkness of letting your ego go, is definitely your candle. That candle then illuminates your self, which would then light everything around you. Lets hanker for that true light to emanate from us.

3 thoughts on “Hurts turn to blessing

  1. Namaskarangal Vishnu. Your ruminations are great. “Hurts turn into blessings” – I accept this and there where times I realised too. My inner thing sometimes goes somewhere and re-thinks certain activities in my life and I like to chew on it. I really admire what you have transformed to… Would love to read more of your ruminations. Great …

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