Love is nothing other than finding the truth. ~Rumi

When we are consciously working towards understanding our true nature, we realise that our nature is beyond all these artificial boundaries we have created. As humans we have created a web of regulations, societal norms, money, power and everything that surrounds us today. We have to go deeper beyond all that we have to discover our true form. when we do that, we have absolutely no inhibitions and no artificial layers of behaviour. All we remain with – is our self, our nature and who we originally were. That takes time, but we will get to that. Most of the layers we have created are based on our experiences which lead to prejudices or positive thoughts. But we have to be aware that either of them, as they add layers because being in love or loved has to be without any layer. We have to go beyond our expectations and likings to be really in love. That is the purest form of love which is anyway within us, its a matter of rediscovery.

The more we rediscover our innocence, the more love we can exude and share

Truth, which comes after removing all the layers, definitely leads to one quality – which is innocence. Even today, kids who are around us demonstrate this every moment. As they have limited experiences, the more pure their love is. Their love is mostly unconditional. All it needs is some trust and what you get is pure, uninhibited love. We have been taught that experiences are essential to being mature and growing up. Actual truth is about getting those experiences and not maturing. Be like the child, never add a layer. With experiences, comes memory which leads to thinking about right and wrong, which in turn leads to prejudice and liking and that ends up with expectations. The less we are touched by experiences, the more innocent we can remain. How can you have great experiences which do not touch your true self? How do we let our love be preserved in the original form without the layers, that is the process of knowing the truth. Once you discover the truth, what then remains is only and only pure love. nothing else.

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