Thankfulness brings you to the place where the beloved lives. ~Rumi

Most of the time we only see the world with our own coloured eyes. We end up seeing what we want and also ignoring what we are not supposed to. We are abundantly gifted inside us – but it is a pity that we seek externally and seem to be lost in gathering things which has got nothing to do with our true self. We always tend to compare ourselves with people around us who have more material possessions than us and hanker to live a similar life. How many times have we compared with the friends around us who are not as gifted as us? people who would be desperate to live our lives even for a day or even a few hours? We forget that we are already gifted both materially and abundantly inside us. The minute we realise and start thanking for the wealth we own, life transforms around us.

Gratitude brings you to a point of being so humble, you value everything you already have.

Being thankful every moment is truly magical. The minute we realise that what we already have is great and we are being thankful, it brings us humility in a big way. It makes us realise the value of what we have – no matter how small or big that is. The minute we value every bit we have, how can we not fall in love or discover love in everything we do? The more we value our possessions, the more we discover the love around us. The minute we value our beloved – be it a person, energy, god or for that matter anything we are attached to – we have arrived that that place where it lives because we are extremely grateful for having it with us. It would help us realise how small we are, how big this world is, how privileged we are to have these possessions, how blessed we are to have a heart to be thankful. Gratitude is the biggest blessing to have, it turns around your world positively the minute you embrace it.

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