What you seek is seeking you ~ Rumi

There are moments in our everyday life when we are frustrated about not getting what we want. We are told that you must seek, travel, explore, train to be in par with the world. We are always very busy on what we want, we tend to miss what is already coming to us. When we are busy looking on what we seek, there are things which come along with it – mainly impatience. Impatience is definitely a modern day disease. We are tempted for instant gratification most of the time, that we have lost the meaning of waiting. Communication is one such result. We cannot wait to speak to someone, or know what is happening elsewhere. We have lost the art of being quiet and waiting for it. We have not only lost it, but also applying impatience to everything we develop. This has become the selling point of our new life. If anything insists on a wait, we do not want it. We tend to equate it with a lesser quality. We need speed, we are laser focussed on the speed that we are constantly missing many intermediate steps.

Patience brings quietness. Being quiet is what leads you to see what is seeking you.

The minute we can be quiet, be patient – we will see that whatever we wanted, is already seeking us. Nature takes time. The universe sends you what you want, only when you wait – then you can see the results. We are so quick and deeply engrossed in instant gratification that by the time nature answers – we not only miss that answer, but have even forgotten what we actually wanted sometime back. Our needs and wants that make us seek are changing so quickly. Today’s need is gone tomorrow and replaced with a new higher one. When we move so quickly, how do we even know what is coming our way? Everything in our lives revolves around the fact that what you really want, you will get it. We must believe and trust in that. Once we trust, we must be patient and then take time to understand what is coming our way. Do not be anxious and change what you want – being firm on what you want reinforces you to understand and value it deeply and also rejoice when you actually get it.  Lets be quiet to welcome what is seeking us today.

One thought on “Seeking the seeker

  1. Beautifully said. This is in a way similar to your earlier post,’ Your question has the answer’. The seeker always looks outside, searches outside when all that he could do is to look within. The answer lies within and what you are seeking really seeks you to turn your attention towards it. People always follow the mind and ignore the heart. Being quiet and sensitive to your inner call will give answers to all that you seek and look for.

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