“Our longing is the way, the path and the cure”.~Rumi

When do you really long for something or someone? When you are really not at your best. When you feel you need that someone or something to liven you up again. Whenever our minds are occupied with something important, we tend not to long for anyone. When our mind is less occupied, we need someone or something to occupy it. Not to put the importance of the other person or thing down – but the more closer that person or thing is to you, that takes precedence in your mind. That is the root cause of longing. More so – when something is missing in your mind and life, if someone or something can fill it up, that is also the one you long for the most. The more we long for something, the more we yearn to have it and the more it occupies our minds. It is cyclic. The more we long, the more we need it. When we realise that our mind is a bit free, we have to look inwards. The minute we look inwards, the mind is fully occupied. In other words, just long for yourself.

The more you long for it, the closer it gets to you.

When we long, we are also knowingly or unknowingly – planning to get to that longing. Whether you realise it or not, that longing gets you to the one you want. The universe will work its way to get you that, even to that person. That is how this world works and that is how our minds are designed. If the longing is deep and long enough, you will realise the thing or person you long for is getting closer and closer to you.That is the path. We need to understand that this might not be always physical. But the true longing is only for yourself. Imagine if you can long for yourself, you will get yourself, that is the cure for the longing. Firstly – the more you long the closer you get  and then the closer you get – we need to open ourselves to feel it, that is the cure.

You will want someone so badly in life, even if that person has no chance of being with you physically. Please know that any other longing other than for your own soul will only be pulling others to you. But the more you go deeper and long for yourself, you will just open up. The more you open up to yourself, the more you have found the cure.

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