Corners of love


“Love is such a vast sea, it has neither edges nor ends nor corners.”~Rumi

Love is such an amazing feeling. It is also scientifically proven that when we are in love, our brain works differently. Love cures everything within us. Love focusses you and love is the only thing which makes you constantly smile. When we are in love we tend to draw borders for our reach. We want to be in control of our love. We want to own our love as much as we can. With the need to own comes a lot of expectations and possessiveness. We tend to bind the beloved to us and we want them with us no matter what happens. When there is a even slightest thought about them not being with us, we get furious. Anger always follows possessiveness. The more we hold the beloved tight, the more we suffocate the beloved. The minute you get angry, please watch that suspicion follows you. These are the qualities of love which do not make it love. Expectation, Possessiveness, Anger and Suspicion. These are giant killers of love . We always feel that this is what love is. Look around, you will find these qualities which is driving most of the families. Why do you think that today’s love is completely ridden with such problems?

We are now “falling” in love, which restricts love. Only when we “raise” in love – it opens up beyond borders.

Whenever you have borders to anything – be it your thoughts, your work, your mind or your heart – it starts to contain you. Love’s nature is unconditional. You cannot express love based on certain conditions. The minute you remove the borders, you will see you will soar. It is one of the most difficult acts. To remove the borders of love, to make it like a sea, to grow in love – you just need one quality. Trust. The more you trust your beloved, you will see all the negative thoughts of love start to disappear. Expectation does not find a place as you will start realising the beloved is yours no matter what they do or they don’t do. You can never be possessive of anything which you trust the most. Over a period of time that trust even goes beyond the beloved. Possessiveness is attachment to the present form of the beloved. Trust makes you go beyond that present form. Anger is replaced with calmness the minute you have trust. Anger gets replaced by patience. If your beloved is not in his/her best today, you will wait for the best day to come. When that day comes, you will relish it beyond doubt. Trust kills suspision. Period.

Grow in love. Take your beloved with complete trust. Remove expectations. Remove the borders of your love. Consciously make your love unconditional. Every day, you will relish your love. Love is beyond edges and corners. Your heart is limitless.

Begin to gallop


“Whoever sees clearly whats diseased in himself, begins to gallop on the way.” ~Rumi

There is an old saying – “You can wake up someone who is asleep, but not someone who is acting asleep”. At some level we are covering ourselves by our own deceit. We want to believe that we are perfect or we want to be seen so. How can “I” make a mistake? It was not “MY” problem, “YOU” should have been more careful. Was it not “YOUR” duty to take care of it? How is it “MY” blame? “YOU” always do this, “I” can’t be bothered. Next time “YOU” do this, “I” can’t take this anymore! – These are familiar terms for many of us. We have used this again and again – unconsciously many times in a day even. There are two things we have to watch out here for – first is that it is always outward looking and second is “YOUR” ego is bigger than the other person. The combination of this makes it lethal. The more we think of ourselves and our ego, we are not looking at our true self. We are looking at our bloated self. The more we see ourselves bloated, the more we are convinced that we know the best. In fact the bloating is because we are totally convinced that we know more. Secondly, when we are outward facing we are not even thinking about a possibility of us being wrong. We are pointing to the other and saying it is not my problem. This is the disease.

Self acceptance is the beginning of a truly magical journey. Rejection only bloats you.

When we have to make progress we are conditioned by the fact that the more we are right and more we are convinced about being right, we make progress. Unfortunately, this only leads to stay where you are. Against the societal norm where acceptance of you the way you are does not give you material promotions – when it comes to your own self, only acceptance makes you start. The minute we are even open to the idea that, “Yes, I could have been wrong”, “I should have been more careful”, “Who am I to judge you”, “Of course you were right” – makes even everyday life a pleasure. The more we do this, we are seen as a “weak” person in today’s world. The perception of being weak will lead you to become stronger inside. Perceptions never matter. Only when you know the disease, you can even think of the cure. This is a disease which is within us. We need to diagnose it by silence.

The minute you accept, the minute you see the real you without a bloat, the minute you see the other person better or as a mentor – you have started on a great journey within yourself. In fact, every moment you accept – you are galloping within your own great journey of self discovery. That journey where no perceptions matter, no blame comes your way, no room for bloating, no room for pointing outward – it is a journey completely inwards. An amazing journey awaits.


The art of listening


“Since in order to speak, one must first listen, learn to speak by listening.” ~Rumi

We are surrounded by too much noise these days. Combined with it, we have become more and more impatient. When you are not calm, patient – you normally are shutting down your ears. The biggest disaster of today is that, we pre-empt everything. We assume we know what the other person is going to say. We want to stay ahead of the thought, but completely falsely assuming we know what the other person mind works like. This is also a result of we wanting to control the conversation. We are normally at a stage where we want the conversation to go “our” way, so all of these are really helping that end goal. Think about it – when you really want the conversation to just convey what your thoughts are, you speak the most, answer for everything you raise by wanting the other person to just say “yes”, remain totally impatient and on top of all of this – not listen. We have more distractions than any other time. Even though it basically is about you – how centred  you are – with more and more distractions, we become easily susceptible.

If you have to be heard, you must listen.

When we want something – we become very vocal. We express it in as many ways we can. Be it love, be it something material, be it spiritual – we have come to believe that the more louder we ask, the more frequent we ask -the easier and quicker we might get it. When we do not even want to listen what nature’s messages are,  how can we be so loud? When our needs have to be granted by someone else, it is equally important to listen to that someone. Please hear to be heard. It is not even fair to just being loud, when you don’t lend a ear. When we start listening, firstly you will realise that you are becoming more and more quieter. The more quieter you remain, the more aware you become. The more aware you become the lesser the need to even speak. The lesser you speak, the more you will discover the beauty of silence.

Go ahead, try to listen to your own self. Sit down and just lend a ear to yourself. You will hear so many deep learnings your life has to offer. The more you listen, the more you will discover the wealth of knowledge your soul has. It can tell you not just about this life, but many more. It can tell you about who the other is and what is the relationship you have. If you listen to yourself, you will realise the guide is within you. You do not have to look outward, you will realise you are more intuitive, more at peace, more blissful, ever happy and always smiling. The minute you are already smiling it is definitely a great start!

Seeing beyond


“Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.” ~ Rumi

Everyday we meet people. With some we become comfortable in an instant, with some we feel we knew them forever. With some we have a repulsion without even uttering a word, with some we feel no connect. With some we fall in love, with some we think we knew them from the past. With some we get inspired from, with some we have an unknown liking towards. With some we feel a soul’s connect with some we want to share our lives. With some we fight, with some we are forced to have a relationship with. With some we just want to have a minimal relationship with, with some we have fantasies about. With some we we melt like butter, yet with others unknowingly we hurt with the words we utter. With some we long to be with ever, with some people around we cannot adjust however. With some we share admiration, with few others we have a deep obsession.

Why do so many types of feelings and emotions are evoked in us but just having others around? Why are we so different with so many different people? Why this is happening to us?

Experience everyone around you. Every emotion is your lesson.

We are meant to understand ourselves by the experiences we have everyday. Each and every experience we have every moment is a mentor to us. It makes us either strong or weak that instant, but in the vision of life it only makes you better. You learn consciously and unconsciously in this human form. Every emotion is your lesson. We have to watch ourselves from being outside, then you can feel the actor in you. How you are performing in this stage of life. The minute you watch yourself from outside, the whole world makes perfect sense. It makes sense for the body to have these experiences, the mind within to tame itself and desires which learn to be satisfied. But the soul is not affected by these. The soul has to watch all these and witness the performance. The more it is watching, the more you will realise that everything happens for a reason. Every person is helping you evoke the emotion so that your body is satisfied. The minute you see this – you are convinced more and more that you are not the body. That is the purpose of this life. To be able to see that you are much beyond what you perceive as.

When you see everyone who is coming your way as mentors, the first thing which happens is you detach yourself. Secondly, more importantly you are able to control the emotions you display. If you see everything as a mere experience, why will you get angry? where will hatred originate from? where will expectation see itself? where is jealousy going to manifest? where is lust going to  show up? All you are left with is empathy for the other person. You really want to help the other person get that experience to overcome their expression. That is a beautiful state to be in.

Beautiful stillness


“All your restlessness is out of your desire for stillness” ~ Rumi

How many times have you felt that you are staring into something empty? How many times have you had not even a single thought cross your mind, but still feel nothing different? There are many times, where your mind completely blanks out, you are absorbed in nothingness. It is strange but everyone faces this sometimes. It depends on how frequently you are into that state and out. But the truth is – those moments are precious. When someone near you, alerts you and says “Hey what happened?” you realise there was nothing which happened. It is surprising for the other person and sometimes even you. How can you be without a thought? That is the beauty of being still. You are still because there is nothing to disturb you, no thought crosses your mind and you are absorbed in the beauty of your own soul. That moment is extremely special, memorable and treasure-worthy. Somewhere deep in our hearts we yearn for those moments, but they rarely happen. Can you aspire to be in that state for a very long time? may be forever? is it really possible?

Being calm and centred is the true state of our soul, rest are merely disturbances.

On the other hand, when we have to realise the stillness – we have to be as restless we can be. It is like reaching the extremes to appreciate the other. Why do you feel restless? what makes you hanker? the root cause is dissatisfaction. Even though there could be others involved in making you distressed you might blame them, but the actual fact is that you are not satisfied. You need to first satisfy yourself completely before you reach the stillness. The more you yearn for being still, the less and less you will feel restless. The true nature of you is being calm. When children are quiet – have you wondered what are they thinking? what can the small minds be thinking and making them so quiet, so satisfied. There are moments where you do not realise this – they are often in this state. Children are closer to their soul than we are. When they are quiet, they are still and that is the true nature. How beautiful is to even watch those innocent faces be quiet in stillness. Absolutely calm without any ego, any aspiration, any hatred – just be blank, be still, be satisfied.

Start noticing that your soul wants that stillness, be as restless as you can – knowing well that all this will lead you to that stillness. When you are able to embrace that stillness – yearn for more. You will see that you will become more and more still. Don’t listen to anyone, being thoughtless and blank is beautiful. Remain so. You will become more and more clearer for yourself.

Longing for you


“Our longing is the way, the path and the cure”.~Rumi

When do you really long for something or someone? When you are really not at your best. When you feel you need that someone or something to liven you up again. Whenever our minds are occupied with something important, we tend not to long for anyone. When our mind is less occupied, we need someone or something to occupy it. Not to put the importance of the other person or thing down – but the more closer that person or thing is to you, that takes precedence in your mind. That is the root cause of longing. More so – when something is missing in your mind and life, if someone or something can fill it up, that is also the one you long for the most. The more we long for something, the more we yearn to have it and the more it occupies our minds. It is cyclic. The more we long, the more we need it. When we realise that our mind is a bit free, we have to look inwards. The minute we look inwards, the mind is fully occupied. In other words, just long for yourself.

The more you long for it, the closer it gets to you.

When we long, we are also knowingly or unknowingly – planning to get to that longing. Whether you realise it or not, that longing gets you to the one you want. The universe will work its way to get you that, even to that person. That is how this world works and that is how our minds are designed. If the longing is deep and long enough, you will realise the thing or person you long for is getting closer and closer to you.That is the path. We need to understand that this might not be always physical. But the true longing is only for yourself. Imagine if you can long for yourself, you will get yourself, that is the cure for the longing. Firstly – the more you long the closer you get  and then the closer you get – we need to open ourselves to feel it, that is the cure.

You will want someone so badly in life, even if that person has no chance of being with you physically. Please know that any other longing other than for your own soul will only be pulling others to you. But the more you go deeper and long for yourself, you will just open up. The more you open up to yourself, the more you have found the cure.

Break your heart


“You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens” ~Rumi

We all have had many heart breaks in life. We have faced it many times, but every time it shakes us to the core. We always wonder – “why me?”. Be it friends who betray at the worst times, friends whom you thought are the best partners but suddenly disappear from your life without a reason nor a trace, be it the person you thought you were madly in love with, who end up being such an alien whom you wondered “is this for real?”, or be it family – the people whom you can always trust as a place to go back to but suddenly turning against you. All of this breaks us up. We have to patiently stitch our lives together after such things. We have to carefully do it, even though we break down again and again during that process. Sometimes, we end up doing these things on us knowingly. We end up breaking relationships which hurts us so bad, we break down again. We feel that we are doing the right thing by doing these. Almost all of these times, we forget that whenever we break down we rise up wiser and stronger.

The more and more we break down, the soul becomes clearer and clearer.

The trick is to remember every break down. We want to forget our bad moments that we hold so much hatred towards. We must not attach hatred to the tough times, rather see it as opening us. We have to be thankful for each of these heart breaks. Only with them, we will find the real us. It is hard, as it concerns the heart. I see this as the more and more we break down, the soul becomes clearer and clearer. You are able to see yourself, act upon, concentrate on your strength, become wiser only when you go deeper and see your soul. That happens only in the moments where you break yourself apart. The heartaches caused by people really makes you go deeper and deeper inside yourself. The more tears we shed, the more it clears the cloud of illusionary relationships. The more we discover that we are much more purer than what we think we are. The minute we open our hearts, an amazing world of grace, love, peace and compassion awaits.

Go ahead, feel the inner you, drop the layers of hatred, drop the memories of the past, you will arise fresh and stronger. clearer and focussed. determined and driven. Full of peace and emanate love. That is the real you.

Graceful love


“You cannot learn about Love, love appears on the wings of grace.” ~ Rumi

What is grace? when is the time you feel you are very graceful? Grace originates when you are calm, focussed and satisfied. The more we are able to observe and accept ourselves is when we are able to be graceful. Obviously grace can be seen in two ways – When we comment dancers are graceful and another when we receive grace from god. Even when someone has to be graceful in dance, they have to accept themselves, not be conscious about dance, be focussed and at some level be completely satisfied. This is what reflects in the dance they perform. They end up being extremely graceful in presenting themselves. On the other part, when we have to receive blessings from god, we can never receive anything unless we are calm, focused and grateful for something which we already have. Either way grace is something which lends itself to you, when you are satisfied.

Satisfaction leads to grace and then to true love. 

When we are satisfied with ourselves and also satisfied with the other person is when truly we are in love. Satisfaction leads to acceptance. Only when we truly accept the other person with all their shortcomings and as they are, you are able to show true love. The minute you are either not aware of their true nature or you are not satisfied with yourself – you cannot experience true love. Only when you feel the grace and be graceful completely, you will discover true love. There is nothing to really learn about love. Love is a feeling which has to be experienced. It has to be sensed internally when you are calm. When you are totally satisfied with yourself and the other, you will automatically be in love. It can be with a person, a pet, a thing or even with god. Only when you are accepting the other unconditionally and be at peace within and be totally satisfied – love manifests itself. The minute we are not satisfied with the other, or not satisfied with ourselves, or are in doubt – you will see that love cannot be seen there.

Be satisfied. Be in grace all the time. Immerse yourself in peace. Love is already there.

Beauty of the good


“Let the beauty we love become the good we do.” ~Rumi 

We tend to like and love things which are beautiful. Naturally, what is pleasing to our senses we perceive as beautiful. We generally limit our perception of beauty to the 5 senses, specially to the eye. It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul. What we see is what we associate quite deeply in ourselves. When we sense something is really beautiful, we fall in love and do not want to leave it. We want to carry it with ourselves and keep it close to us. Beautiful things makes us want to keep them, become possessive about them and never let go. But we do keep moving, our perception of beauty changes over time and that is becoming shorter and shorter. Things we see as beautiful also change over time and strangely we never come to think of that change when we are so deeply in love with the beauty we see today. We have to enjoy the present moment and beauty is a perfect example of that. If we enjoy the beauty without getting too attached and possessive about it, it would be truly living in the present.

Perception of beauty changes, the beauty of the good we do remains.

When we seek and fall in love with the beauty, we tend to sometimes fall prey to to the attachment and possessiveness. The more we realise that, and translate the love for the beauty into the good we all will do, we will leave a truly lasting impact. We have to yearn to do good and do it with all the beauty we can. What we do, must also become beautiful to others, become lasting and become your trait. The good we do becomes enriched with the beauty we add to it. As much as we want to see and have a good experience with the senses, doing good goes beyond it. Beauty has to be seen at many levels. The outside beauty which generally withers over time and changes, the gross inside beauty which we do not normally have a clue about and the soul which is generally nourished by the good deeds you do. We need to translate what we see on the outside to the soul by the deeds we do. It is like almost changing our perception from just observing the outside to going deeper into the soul of the other, and leaving a deep imprint by the good deed we can do.

Seeking the seeker


What you seek is seeking you ~ Rumi

There are moments in our everyday life when we are frustrated about not getting what we want. We are told that you must seek, travel, explore, train to be in par with the world. We are always very busy on what we want, we tend to miss what is already coming to us. When we are busy looking on what we seek, there are things which come along with it – mainly impatience. Impatience is definitely a modern day disease. We are tempted for instant gratification most of the time, that we have lost the meaning of waiting. Communication is one such result. We cannot wait to speak to someone, or know what is happening elsewhere. We have lost the art of being quiet and waiting for it. We have not only lost it, but also applying impatience to everything we develop. This has become the selling point of our new life. If anything insists on a wait, we do not want it. We tend to equate it with a lesser quality. We need speed, we are laser focussed on the speed that we are constantly missing many intermediate steps.

Patience brings quietness. Being quiet is what leads you to see what is seeking you.

The minute we can be quiet, be patient – we will see that whatever we wanted, is already seeking us. Nature takes time. The universe sends you what you want, only when you wait – then you can see the results. We are so quick and deeply engrossed in instant gratification that by the time nature answers – we not only miss that answer, but have even forgotten what we actually wanted sometime back. Our needs and wants that make us seek are changing so quickly. Today’s need is gone tomorrow and replaced with a new higher one. When we move so quickly, how do we even know what is coming our way? Everything in our lives revolves around the fact that what you really want, you will get it. We must believe and trust in that. Once we trust, we must be patient and then take time to understand what is coming our way. Do not be anxious and change what you want – being firm on what you want reinforces you to understand and value it deeply and also rejoice when you actually get it.  Lets be quiet to welcome what is seeking us today.