Opening Up


Who gets up early to discover the moment light begins? ~ Rumi

There are many things in life we take for granted. Lets begin with something which most of us have – relationships. When we have someone around us, doing something for us – we feel very thankful that it is happening to us may be just for the first few days. After that, once that it becomes a routine, we just take it as normal and even many times take it for granted. This moves as true it is with individuals to other things which are around us. Nature – is the singlemost resource we take for granted. How many times have we thought about where the water comes when we turn our taps in the morning or how thankful are for the bees which we always feel as a disturbance? We even tend to forget the relationships that nature has nurtured for us. As they are available most of the time, we have gotten so used to it. When the nature shows its dissent in some ways, then we tend to realize how small we are compared to this whole manifestation. When everything works well, especially like clockwork we can only assume that it is not going to end nor even comprehend that we will be without it. So, when the inevitable happens what happens in our thought process? The first thing is that we complain – How is it even possible? Why does this person do this to me? I am at suffering and that cause or person is responsible. This is ironical, as in the first place – what you received was only a favor. You felt that favor only for a few moments and forgot that favor part and thought it was part of your goodwill to get it. That is the biggest mistake we all make.

To appreciate every minute, forget the past and live the moment completely, fully.

To become alive, to open up constantly and appreciate what you have – we must not carry the past with us. Only because of the past we assume, take for granted what we already have. If you had to start every minute of yours afresh – everything seems to be a blessing once again. You completely appreciate everything you have, totally in gratitude and life becomes so fulfilling. To open up, simply means to empty. Unless we are empty and willing to receive, there is no point of opening up. We need to be reminded that everything around us happens for a reason and because we have everything around us, we need to be full of gratitude. There are so many beings which do not have the blessing and life that we have. We are fortunate, we have been taken care and we are already abundant. The point is to realize that the past cannot give us anything new, the future cannot promise either – so being in the moment to appreciate fully is our only hope. How do we practice to empty ourselves everyday? We need to give up our beliefs, our prejudices, our assumptions, our hatred, our jealousies, our conditions and our thinking – that is how you empty. The minute you are free from these, you are ready to receive and at the same time look at what we already we have to appreciate every minute of it. It is a very special feeling, it does not give you any tiredness it only opens you up, making you blossom everyday, like a fresh new flower appreciating the moment light begins and being full of gratitude for it.

(If you are interested, this is part of a longer poem by Rumi….which is from “The Essential Rumi” which is below, obviously english translation loses the original charm, but we have only this choice ­čÖé

Who gets up early
to discover the moment light begins?
Who finds us here circling, bewildered, like atoms?
Who comes to a spring thirsty
and sees the moon reflected in it?
Who, like Jacob blind with grief and age,
smells the shirt of his lost son
and can see again?
Who lets a bucket down and brings up
a flowing prophet?
Or like Moses goes for fire
and finds what burns inside the sunrise?

Jesus slips into a house to escape enemies,
and opens a door to the other world.
Soloman cuts open a fish, and there’s a gold ring.
Omar storms in to kill the prophet
and leaves with blessings.
Chase a deer and end up everywhere!
An oyster opens his mouth to swallow on drop.
Now there’s a pearl.
A vagrant wanders empty ruins.
Suddenly he’s wealthy.

But don’t be satisfied with stories, how things
have gone with others. Unfold
your own myth, without complicated explanation,
so everyone will understand the passage,
We have opened you.

Start walking toward Shams. Your legs will get heavy
and tired. Then comes a moment
of feeling the wings you’ve grown,

Tired Selfhood


“Help me walk out of my selfhood, my tired existence.” ~ Rumi

At many levels we are selfish. Selfish – does not mean that we are only thinking abut us as individuals. Selfish might also include our extended self – our family, our community or even our nation. Within the realm of what we call as self, life is repetitive. When we start looking at our selfhood – we tend to see things repeating every few hours, days, or even years. Why is that things get so repetitive? We yearn for a vacation to get away from work, we come back from vacation to get into the same work, cook everyday, create something, get exhausted by that work and yearn to create something again and again look for our vacations. This cycle never seems to cease and we are caught in the middle of it. At the end of every few months we do get tired of our existence. We look for newness in everything we do, but very soon that newness wears off and we tend to look again. What makes our life revolve around such a small space? Whatever we can associate with is just a tiny, minuscule part of this grand universe. Within that tiny part, we find so many things to live by, so many reasons to be unhappy and so many reasons to fight.

Expand into the world around you, break the barriers and you become immeasurable.

When we can start looking around us and start to break away from our known limitations, many of the repetitions cease to exist and our reach extends beyond what we thought of. We start to own the world, the universe and not just our homes and limited relationships. When we start looking at our lives from that perspective, problems start to fade off or rather not matter much, we tend to understand the complexity of creation and so our lives are much simpler comparatively. We tend to think that our problems are the largest we can perceive, but when we start expanding – we do not come into the larger frame, for we are too small. We do not have to be tired of our ourselves. Tiredness gets replaced by awe every moment. We do not have to see anyone, any animal, any plant or any organism different from us, they simply are expansions of the very force we are driven by as well. You tend to see their lives part of yours, yours just dissolves. Suddenly, we will realize that we have a larger goal, much larger perspective which will all lead us to frame the right questions. As we know framing the questions right is the first step to expanding ourselves. The key to unlock our tired self is to seek help. We must unchain ourselves to start expanding..