“Help me walk out of my selfhood, my tired existence.” ~ Rumi

At many levels we are selfish. Selfish – does not mean that we are only thinking abut us as individuals. Selfish might also include our extended self – our family, our community or even our nation. Within the realm of what we call as self, life is repetitive. When we start looking at our selfhood – we tend to see things repeating every few hours, days, or even years. Why is that things get so repetitive? We yearn for a vacation to get away from work, we come back from vacation to get into the same work, cook everyday, create something, get exhausted by that work and yearn to create something again and again look for our vacations. This cycle never seems to cease and we are caught in the middle of it. At the end of every few months we do get tired of our existence. We look for newness in everything we do, but very soon that newness wears off and we tend to look again. What makes our life revolve around such a small space? Whatever we can associate with is just a tiny, minuscule part of this grand universe. Within that tiny part, we find so many things to live by, so many reasons to be unhappy and so many reasons to fight.

Expand into the world around you, break the barriers and you become immeasurable.

When we can start looking around us and start to break away from our known limitations, many of the repetitions cease to exist and our reach extends beyond what we thought of. We start to own the world, the universe and not just our homes and limited relationships. When we start looking at our lives from that perspective, problems start to fade off or rather not matter much, we tend to understand the complexity of creation and so our lives are much simpler comparatively. We tend to think that our problems are the largest we can perceive, but when we start expanding – we do not come into the larger frame, for we are too small. We do not have to be tired of our ourselves. Tiredness gets replaced by awe every moment. We do not have to see anyone, any animal, any plant or any organism different from us, they simply are expansions of the very force we are driven by as well. You tend to see their lives part of yours, yours just dissolves. Suddenly, we will realize that we have a larger goal, much larger perspective which will all lead us to frame the right questions. As we know framing the questions right is the first step to expanding ourselves. The key to unlock our tired self is to seek help. We must unchain ourselves to start expanding..

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