Shine Patiently


“If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished?” ~ Rumi

We are losing patience in our daily modern lives. We are surrounded by instant gratification and everything created in this world now revolves around taking care of it. Look around – we have lost ourselves so much in wanting to be satisfied immediately, that we have forgotten the art of the wait. Nature continuously reminds us at every moment that you need to wait for the best things in life. Fruits cannot appear in a day, nor a butterfly. Everything nature manifested has a reason, time and gestation behind it. Even then, we tend to ignore it as our minds only hanker for instant gratification. Especially when it comes to our senses, we cannot accept anything else but the instant. When we look at ourselves, technology has played a huge role in this process. We are forgotten to slow down and we do not want to remember a day when we had to wait. With relationships, if we do not know what the other person is doing this instant, if they do not answer us – frustration follows. Soon frustration leads to anger and anger leads to irritation and eventually to suspicion. The more we crave for instant gratification, the more relationships break. It might not be just personal relationships – any form of a relationship just breaks as we have lost our patience.

Impatience leads to closing the learning doors. Patience opens them.

The other side of this is the blame game. When we are frustrated we get irritated and the first reaction is to find someone to blame. When we see the blame arises out the need for us to be comfortable – that someone else is responsible and not ourselves – we are just getting covered more and more in our ego. The minute we see that every situation is made for us to learn something, that everyone in our lives is teaching us something, every anger shared amidst us is to polish us, every genuine smile carries a message for us and that all this ends up revealing the true us. If we have to go back to who we are, we must learn from every single thing which happens around us. The truth is that we do not know our true nature as well. We sometimes believe we know who we are, but let’s be honest – we are figuring out who we are, every other day. If not we must feel that way, from today. If we have to reveal ourselves, the first step is to know that we have to first understand what that true person is, then be watchful about every single thing happening to us and take them as helping us reveal ourselves bit by bit.