Wordly Voices


“Raise your words, not your voice, it is rain that grows flowers and not thunder” ~ Rumi

Each of us has a big need to be heard. We want to speak more than we listen to others. Most of the time, we end up repeating ourselves more than once every few minutes all in a need to be heard and valued. Have you ever recorded yourself speaking even to your family and heard it back? It would be a fascinating journey into your own self. We all will be surprised how much we repeat and how much we say similar things throughout the day. We tend to use few words, repeat them and if people do not value that, we raise the voice. By raising the voice, we believe that we have the right to be heard. Why do we feel that we have to be heard more than we hear others? We have to look around to see how much our words add to the noise around the world. Loudness causes disruption and not necessarily in a positive way. Any deafening sound can only cause damage and never build anything. We generally tend to believe that if we are loud enough, we will be heard. Loudness makes people look at us for an instant, in that minute, we think we have succeeded – but little do we realize, the loudness draws attention but weakens the openness of the listener. When we hear something loud, the first reaction is that of a frustration, irritation when we turn to look around. In that reaction, it is hard to listen to something good.

The more words you speak which are gentle, kinder and compassionate – the more the listener opens up

Have you realized, that when our minds are calmer and balanced, we are heard much better? It is because we can speak our hearts and not our mind. When mind takes over our speech, words are repetitive and loud. When our heart takes over our speech we are calm, centered and compassionate. Even better is when our soul takes over our speech – we will open our ears more than our mouths. The first step is to remove our minds from our speech. When you are passionate about something, people always comment – you spoke your heart. It is very genuine, very soothing and energizes the listener. The minute our voices go up – we start to drain the listener. It is an amazing correlation – if we are speaking from the heart, we give more energy to everyone around us and if we are speaking from our mind, as we are spending more energy we take energy from everyone around us. We need to shower gratitude to the listener. Gratitude brings trust, trust makes anyone open up. The minute you have opened up someone, everything you say reaches the heart of the listener. Do you want to reach just the mind of the listener or go to the heart? It is simple, if we speak from our heart we will reach the heart and if we speak from our minds, we will only reach the minds of listeners which will disappear soon. Spend more time speaking from the heart and you will be the rain which will make everyone around you bloom.