Beautiful stillness


“All your restlessness is out of your desire for stillness” ~ Rumi

How many times have you felt that you are staring into something empty? How many times have you had not even a single thought cross your mind, but still feel nothing different? There are many times, where your mind completely blanks out, you are absorbed in nothingness. It is strange but everyone faces this sometimes. It depends on how frequently you are into that state and out. But the truth is – those moments are precious. When someone near you, alerts you and says “Hey what happened?” you realise there was nothing which happened. It is surprising for the other person and sometimes even you. How can you be without a thought? That is the beauty of being still. You are still because there is nothing to disturb you, no thought crosses your mind and you are absorbed in the beauty of your own soul. That moment is extremely special, memorable and treasure-worthy. Somewhere deep in our hearts we yearn for those moments, but they rarely happen. Can you aspire to be in that state for a very long time? may be forever? is it really possible?

Being calm and centred is the true state of our soul, rest are merely disturbances.

On the other hand, when we have to realise the stillness – we have to be as restless we can be. It is like reaching the extremes to appreciate the other. Why do you feel restless? what makes you hanker? the root cause is dissatisfaction. Even though there could be others involved in making you distressed you might blame them, but the actual fact is that you are not satisfied. You need to first satisfy yourself completely before you reach the stillness. The more you yearn for being still, the less and less you will feel restless. The true nature of you is being calm. When children are quiet – have you wondered what are they thinking? what can the small minds be thinking and making them so quiet, so satisfied. There are moments where you do not realise this – they are often in this state. Children are closer to their soul than we are. When they are quiet, they are still and that is the true nature. How beautiful is to even watch those innocent faces be quiet in stillness. Absolutely calm without any ego, any aspiration, any hatred – just be blank, be still, be satisfied.

Start noticing that your soul wants that stillness, be as restless as you can – knowing well that all this will lead you to that stillness. When you are able to embrace that stillness – yearn for more. You will see that you will become more and more still. Don’t listen to anyone, being thoughtless and blank is beautiful. Remain so. You will become more and more clearer for yourself.

Graceful love


“You cannot learn about Love, love appears on the wings of grace.” ~ Rumi

What is grace? when is the time you feel you are very graceful? Grace originates when you are calm, focussed and satisfied. The more we are able to observe and accept ourselves is when we are able to be graceful. Obviously grace can be seen in two ways – When we comment dancers are graceful and another when we receive grace from god. Even when someone has to be graceful in dance, they have to accept themselves, not be conscious about dance, be focussed and at some level be completely satisfied. This is what reflects in the dance they perform. They end up being extremely graceful in presenting themselves. On the other part, when we have to receive blessings from god, we can never receive anything unless we are calm, focused and grateful for something which we already have. Either way grace is something which lends itself to you, when you are satisfied.

Satisfaction leads to grace and then to true love. 

When we are satisfied with ourselves and also satisfied with the other person is when truly we are in love. Satisfaction leads to acceptance. Only when we truly accept the other person with all their shortcomings and as they are, you are able to show true love. The minute you are either not aware of their true nature or you are not satisfied with yourself – you cannot experience true love. Only when you feel the grace and be graceful completely, you will discover true love. There is nothing to really learn about love. Love is a feeling which has to be experienced. It has to be sensed internally when you are calm. When you are totally satisfied with yourself and the other, you will automatically be in love. It can be with a person, a pet, a thing or even with god. Only when you are accepting the other unconditionally and be at peace within and be totally satisfied – love manifests itself. The minute we are not satisfied with the other, or not satisfied with ourselves, or are in doubt – you will see that love cannot be seen there.

Be satisfied. Be in grace all the time. Immerse yourself in peace. Love is already there.