Closely far


“I am so close, I may look distant.” – Rumi

We all have attachments to something or someone. Our attachments make our life. They give us a reason to live. To be associated to something or someone is the motivation for us to do more. Attachments make this society as it is. Attachment to discipline gives rise to rules of the society, attachment to wealth gives rise to economy, attachment to relationships gives rise to family, attachment to greed gives rise to crime and so on. We live in a world where being attached is the natural thing to do. Generally, attachments give emotions their life. Emotions make a human being. We are all emotional at some level. If you remove the attachment – or be detached – you will have lesser and lesser of emotions. That is not seen as a good thing, we are seen as cold people who do not value anything. Everything we do, we develop a strong bond, strong attachment to and the world today, celebrates attachment. The bond we share to our geographical borders as patriotism, to our money earning work as success, to our public speaking as a leader, to our wealth as pride, to our relationships as caring and so on. We need a bond, we need an attachment, we need someone to care for us. That sense of caring is what makes us feel that this life is worthwhile.

Attachment shortens your vision, detachment just broadens it.

When we are attached, we tend not to see beyond. The thing or person whom we are attached attracts us so much, that it clogs our vision. Even if we like to see beyond, the pull is so great that you cannot see beyond a limit. Or wherever you see, you see that person or thing manifest. The minute we detach ourselves from that attachment, you will see a lot more. Many things which were the reason for your bonding become clear. But why do we have to detach? Attachment shortens your vision, detachment just broadens it.A strong sense of attachment brings as much misery. The more you are attached, the more you suffer when it does not go your way. The pain it brings is as harsh as the pleasure it brings. Today, we are drained emotionally – why? The root cause of all that is how close you were to that thing or someone which has brought you such pain. When you detach yourself, as you see a lot more things surrounding it, the lesser you are affected. Your world is much larger than that small attachment.

You are not meant to be small. Your heart and soul is limitless. Attachments brings your capacity down to just a few relationships or things. Open up. See your world much beyond the few elements. You and your soul is capable of not just this world, but this universe. What is in you is the power and capacity of what runs this universe. Detach yourself – even when being close to someone or something. Broaden your vision, its a wonderful and peaceful world then, just inside you.

Energies in a troubled world

DSC_0051“Walk patiently through this troubled world and you will find great treasure. Even though your house may be small, look within it” – Rumi

How is it possible that some human being, or an occasion caused by a human being, can suck your energies in an instant? It’s such a feeling that you are left totally drained by it. It is also amazing to realise only humans can do to each other most of the time, and they do it to other creatures around them without even realising they are doing it. It’s an amazing troubled world.

When we start looking deeper into this energy-draining-humans and instances, one thing is evident. The more you are attached to the person, instance or the thought – the more you feel the energy drains. It might be that the actual drain is less, but your body feels it more. The feelings take over the body – you are hurt more than you actually are.

Detachment is the solution. Easier said than done. When you start getting detached from the circumstances, the person or the thought – energies stay with you. It is strange.

The more detached you are, the more attached the energies are to you.

This is the trick. When you want your energies, start detaching from the world around you. The world is a chaotic troubled place. The energies help to find the world within you. That is a fascinating world. The physical, material world around you is impermanent and ridden with troubles. Let’s forget that – let’s try to save the energies you have everyday to find the world within you. This is what I infer from Rumi today.

Om Shanti!

Detachment as an attachment

IMG_0673“Oh beloved, take away what I want, take away what I do, take away what I need, take away everything that takes me away from you” – Rumi

What takes us away from something which is actually close to the “original” us? How do you define it and can you actually ‘see’ it? and strangely enough those are the things which really binds us. What are those?

Attachments. We are attached to so many things in our day to day lives. From cellphones to books, from food to clothing, from cars to emotions and from hearts to souls. We are all attached to something or the other. Many of these attachments are simple enough for us to stay away from them, albeit even for a short while. Those attachments are a reminder that we can actually do without any attachments. Unless we watch out carefully, attachments are the ones which turn to addictions. Then it becomes much harder to pull away from them.

Attachments are an illusion, Detachment is real.

When you look at detachments, they are strangely more real than being attached. When you can detach from something which you like, you feel better over a very short period of time. When someone stops an addiction, even like smoking – strangely it feels so good even over a short period of time. That’s the secret behind detaching. As attachments are an illusion, they feel real most of the time. It is so hard to phantom living without them. But once if you consciously look at those attachments, then they do not make sense. If they are real, they will make sense and you will be convinced. The more you are able to “look” at them, the easily you will realise, you can do without them.

Like for any detachment, initially there is false pain which is purely because of losing the false pride, there is false anger which is the result of losing the false bond and there is definitely false energy drain which is the result of losing the false love. When you start watching these, then detachment feels real.

We are trained to think that detachment is bad, because it gives the above symptoms and we are not able to bear them. Only when we are able to look above this, then we are able to see the bliss. That is the simple reason why detachment is real.

Like Rumi says, we must be able to offer our attachments consciously to be able to move closer to the ones which are real.