Ocean drop


“You are not a drop in the ocean, You are the entire ocean in a drop.” ~ Rumi

We are easily overwhelmed. When we look at our world and the universes’ beyond that, we realize we are really tiny. At the same time, we own this universe, our own way. We do pride ourselves about being here and taking what is available to us as granted. We are swinging most of our times imagining to be the rulers of our own world where our ego takes over us and sometimes feeling really small in all the grandeur around. We are belittled by others and sometimes by ourselves. Duality owns us and we keep swinging. The duality of remembering that we are small and at the same time being one with the universe. To remain conscious at both levels is quite difficult – because it needs us to kill the ego. When you are one with nature and you realise that you are no different from it, ego gets replaced with oneness. Is it possible to constantly remember that you are part of the all powerful universe and that you have the same qualities all within you – at the same time remain grounded? How can you remove the “you” but get totally replaced with “us” – which is being with the larger you and larger ocean.

Being one with the world replaces “you”. Then, you are the universe.

When you see yourself with immense potential – the grandeur of what this universe offers, the energy in which creation happens, the perfection in which the dance of nature performs, the uniformity in evolution, the love of souls binding every second – all of it makes sense. You can become what is reflected in this amazing universe. Everything has a reason to happen this way and your faith is totally restored in trust of destiny. You are here for a reason and that reason is what drives the larger existence as well. You are definitely not alone – every soul on this planet can dance with you in unison. You can be at peace with the same frequency which guides this manifestation of the wonderful nature. All you need is to discover your tune, discover your steps, discover your act and just let go. Your performance in this great play will automatically begin. You will lose yourself. Your identity will no longer matter. You are the universe, you are the ocean. When a drop merges with the ocean, it loses itself. It no longer identifies itself as a drop. When a breath merges with the atmosphere, it loses itself. It is not with pain, it is not with agony – just being so natural. Where it really belongs. Losing the ego in pleasure is an amazing feeling. You just have to re-discover. You already know it.

Go ahead, find yourself and the potential you have – which is not different. Do not force to do anything, once you find the rythym, you hear the already manifested song. You will automatically let go of yourself – as that is the place where you rightly belong. Any place is magical – as you are in sync, one with the universe. It is such a bliss.

Grieve happily


“Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.” ~Rumi

What makes us sad? when we lose something we hold dear to our heart. When something leaves us which is important to us, we tend to feel bad. We really want to hold on to it. We always feel “it is ours”. We possess a lot of things, many things unwanted and many things we hold dear to. It is amazing the number of material possessions we hold on to. We gather so many things hoping that one day we will use it. We are very prepared for the rainy day, or even if it is for one day in a year – we want to hold on to that thing which we will use just once. How have we become so attached to it? Imagine a day when we do not have it, we feel sad -we want it. We may not grieve for something so material as much – but we do grieve for people, pets and living things around us. The more we are attached to someone, the minute we do not have them with us, we grieve the most. It brings us so much sadness and pain that we are not able to do anything else. We are so attached to things and people around us that we have enough to grieve every day.

Next is about qualities which we hold. Unfortunately we do not save so much good qualities in us consciously that we have enough for the rainy day. We are so busy gathering physical things and relationships, that we have very little time to gather good qualities. How many times have we consciously gathered goodness, compassion, empathy, love and kindness? Do we have enough to grieve when we lose them?

Lose yourself, lose your identity – it comes back as a greatest gift of self realisation.

Have you realised that something we might lose today, eventually comes back to us in some form? Many times we tend to lose material possessions and it comes back as great qualities for us. We do not see it as we do not see and welcome good qualities which are coming to us. Whatever goes away from you, comes back as qualities which will stop you from grief. If you lost some money and in turn nature sends you abundance kindness – you will be beyond grief as you are so kind to yourself too. Try losing ego, and it comes back as a wonderful gift of happiness and joy. Lose yourself, lose your identity – it comes back as a greatest gift of self realisation. You must lose something to gain something. When something is going away from you, be happy and ready to welcome the big gift you are about to receive. You have to trust nature and yourself enough that any grief coming your way is handled by your trust. When you are calm and happy – no grief can touch you. It can be anything – even losing a dear one – gives you a gift of becoming wiser. You tend to see what you have lost is not something lost – but you have just let go. Losing is negative whereas “letting go” is positive. Let go, it is wonderful.

Begin to gallop


“Whoever sees clearly whats diseased in himself, begins to gallop on the way.” ~Rumi

There is an old saying – “You can wake up someone who is asleep, but not someone who is acting asleep”. At some level we are covering ourselves by our own deceit. We want to believe that we are perfect or we want to be seen so. How can “I” make a mistake? It was not “MY” problem, “YOU” should have been more careful. Was it not “YOUR” duty to take care of it? How is it “MY” blame? “YOU” always do this, “I” can’t be bothered. Next time “YOU” do this, “I” can’t take this anymore! – These are familiar terms for many of us. We have used this again and again – unconsciously many times in a day even. There are two things we have to watch out here for – first is that it is always outward looking and second is “YOUR” ego is bigger than the other person. The combination of this makes it lethal. The more we think of ourselves and our ego, we are not looking at our true self. We are looking at our bloated self. The more we see ourselves bloated, the more we are convinced that we know the best. In fact the bloating is because we are totally convinced that we know more. Secondly, when we are outward facing we are not even thinking about a possibility of us being wrong. We are pointing to the other and saying it is not my problem. This is the disease.

Self acceptance is the beginning of a truly magical journey. Rejection only bloats you.

When we have to make progress we are conditioned by the fact that the more we are right and more we are convinced about being right, we make progress. Unfortunately, this only leads to stay where you are. Against the societal norm where acceptance of you the way you are does not give you material promotions – when it comes to your own self, only acceptance makes you start. The minute we are even open to the idea that, “Yes, I could have been wrong”, “I should have been more careful”, “Who am I to judge you”, “Of course you were right” – makes even everyday life a pleasure. The more we do this, we are seen as a “weak” person in today’s world. The perception of being weak will lead you to become stronger inside. Perceptions never matter. Only when you know the disease, you can even think of the cure. This is a disease which is within us. We need to diagnose it by silence.

The minute you accept, the minute you see the real you without a bloat, the minute you see the other person better or as a mentor – you have started on a great journey within yourself. In fact, every moment you accept – you are galloping within your own great journey of self discovery. That journey where no perceptions matter, no blame comes your way, no room for bloating, no room for pointing outward – it is a journey completely inwards. An amazing journey awaits.


Beautiful stillness


“All your restlessness is out of your desire for stillness” ~ Rumi

How many times have you felt that you are staring into something empty? How many times have you had not even a single thought cross your mind, but still feel nothing different? There are many times, where your mind completely blanks out, you are absorbed in nothingness. It is strange but everyone faces this sometimes. It depends on how frequently you are into that state and out. But the truth is – those moments are precious. When someone near you, alerts you and says “Hey what happened?” you realise there was nothing which happened. It is surprising for the other person and sometimes even you. How can you be without a thought? That is the beauty of being still. You are still because there is nothing to disturb you, no thought crosses your mind and you are absorbed in the beauty of your own soul. That moment is extremely special, memorable and treasure-worthy. Somewhere deep in our hearts we yearn for those moments, but they rarely happen. Can you aspire to be in that state for a very long time? may be forever? is it really possible?

Being calm and centred is the true state of our soul, rest are merely disturbances.

On the other hand, when we have to realise the stillness – we have to be as restless we can be. It is like reaching the extremes to appreciate the other. Why do you feel restless? what makes you hanker? the root cause is dissatisfaction. Even though there could be others involved in making you distressed you might blame them, but the actual fact is that you are not satisfied. You need to first satisfy yourself completely before you reach the stillness. The more you yearn for being still, the less and less you will feel restless. The true nature of you is being calm. When children are quiet – have you wondered what are they thinking? what can the small minds be thinking and making them so quiet, so satisfied. There are moments where you do not realise this – they are often in this state. Children are closer to their soul than we are. When they are quiet, they are still and that is the true nature. How beautiful is to even watch those innocent faces be quiet in stillness. Absolutely calm without any ego, any aspiration, any hatred – just be blank, be still, be satisfied.

Start noticing that your soul wants that stillness, be as restless as you can – knowing well that all this will lead you to that stillness. When you are able to embrace that stillness – yearn for more. You will see that you will become more and more still. Don’t listen to anyone, being thoughtless and blank is beautiful. Remain so. You will become more and more clearer for yourself.

Hurts turn to blessing

Diyas for diwali

What hurts you, blesses you. Darkness is your candle ~ Rumi

What hurts you? have you sat down and thought what are the list of things that really hurts you? When we sit and think through most of the things that hurt us, we realise that everything is related to our ego. Whatever can hurt us can only touch the ego which covers us. We get hurt by words, thoughts, actions, negativity, feelings and much more – all of which can only touch our ego. Whenever our ego gets touched, it is where anger originates. We have blended so much with our ego, that we are no longer able to see us different from the ego. We feel as if we have gotten really hurt whereas only our ego was touched. If we are able to see us different from the ego and sense that ego is just a cover to our true self, what can really hurt us? Our pure self is really beneath our false ego, and we must realise that our true self can never be touched by anything that only hurts our ego.

Remove the ego, everything you then receive is just a blessing.

When we truly realise that only ego is getting affected, what a true liberation it would be if we in turn want to get the ego to be affected, battered and ego get hurt, so that it leaves us? it gets killed? that is liberating. If you see any hurt then you will start to welcome it, knowing very well it is going to help kill the ego. The more ego gets battered, the more it would distance itself from you, the true self. In that nature of hurt lies a great blessing which you must learn to welcome. The minute we are able to distance ourself from our ego, bliss originates. Anger has no place, as anger is only connected to the ego. When ego goes, so does your anger. It has no residence in you. The more purer you get, the more bliss you are in. In that sense, darkness of letting your ego go, is definitely your candle. That candle then illuminates your self, which would then light everything around you. Lets hanker for that true light to emanate from us.