Begin to gallop


“Whoever sees clearly whats diseased in himself, begins to gallop on the way.” ~Rumi

There is an old saying – “You can wake up someone who is asleep, but not someone who is acting asleep”. At some level we are covering ourselves by our own deceit. We want to believe that we are perfect or we want to be seen so. How can “I” make a mistake? It was not “MY” problem, “YOU” should have been more careful. Was it not “YOUR” duty to take care of it? How is it “MY” blame? “YOU” always do this, “I” can’t be bothered. Next time “YOU” do this, “I” can’t take this anymore! – These are familiar terms for many of us. We have used this again and again – unconsciously many times in a day even. There are two things we have to watch out here for – first is that it is always outward looking and second is “YOUR” ego is bigger than the other person. The combination of this makes it lethal. The more we think of ourselves and our ego, we are not looking at our true self. We are looking at our bloated self. The more we see ourselves bloated, the more we are convinced that we know the best. In fact the bloating is because we are totally convinced that we know more. Secondly, when we are outward facing we are not even thinking about a possibility of us being wrong. We are pointing to the other and saying it is not my problem. This is the disease.

Self acceptance is the beginning of a truly magical journey. Rejection only bloats you.

When we have to make progress we are conditioned by the fact that the more we are right and more we are convinced about being right, we make progress. Unfortunately, this only leads to stay where you are. Against the societal norm where acceptance of you the way you are does not give you material promotions – when it comes to your own self, only acceptance makes you start. The minute we are even open to the idea that, “Yes, I could have been wrong”, “I should have been more careful”, “Who am I to judge you”, “Of course you were right” – makes even everyday life a pleasure. The more we do this, we are seen as a “weak” person in today’s world. The perception of being weak will lead you to become stronger inside. Perceptions never matter. Only when you know the disease, you can even think of the cure. This is a disease which is within us. We need to diagnose it by silence.

The minute you accept, the minute you see the real you without a bloat, the minute you see the other person better or as a mentor – you have started on a great journey within yourself. In fact, every moment you accept – you are galloping within your own great journey of self discovery. That journey where no perceptions matter, no blame comes your way, no room for bloating, no room for pointing outward – it is a journey completely inwards. An amazing journey awaits.