The art of listening


“Since in order to speak, one must first listen, learn to speak by listening.” ~Rumi

We are surrounded by too much noise these days. Combined with it, we have become more and more impatient. When you are not calm, patient – you normally are shutting down your ears. The biggest disaster of today is that, we pre-empt everything. We assume we know what the other person is going to say. We want to stay ahead of the thought, but completely falsely assuming we know what the other person mind works like. This is also a result of we wanting to control the conversation. We are normally at a stage where we want the conversation to go “our” way, so all of these are really helping that end goal. Think about it – when you really want the conversation to just convey what your thoughts are, you speak the most, answer for everything you raise by wanting the other person to just say “yes”, remain totally impatient and on top of all of this – not listen. We have more distractions than any other time. Even though it basically is about you – how centred  you are – with more and more distractions, we become easily susceptible.

If you have to be heard, you must listen.

When we want something – we become very vocal. We express it in as many ways we can. Be it love, be it something material, be it spiritual – we have come to believe that the more louder we ask, the more frequent we ask -the easier and quicker we might get it. When we do not even want to listen what nature’s messages are,  how can we be so loud? When our needs have to be granted by someone else, it is equally important to listen to that someone. Please hear to be heard. It is not even fair to just being loud, when you don’t lend a ear. When we start listening, firstly you will realise that you are becoming more and more quieter. The more quieter you remain, the more aware you become. The more aware you become the lesser the need to even speak. The lesser you speak, the more you will discover the beauty of silence.

Go ahead, try to listen to your own self. Sit down and just lend a ear to yourself. You will hear so many deep learnings your life has to offer. The more you listen, the more you will discover the wealth of knowledge your soul has. It can tell you not just about this life, but many more. It can tell you about who the other is and what is the relationship you have. If you listen to yourself, you will realise the guide is within you. You do not have to look outward, you will realise you are more intuitive, more at peace, more blissful, ever happy and always smiling. The minute you are already smiling it is definitely a great start!