Weep to Smile


“Smiles come best to those who weep.”~ Rumi

Why do you weep? What is really a tear? – Tears are expressions of letting go. When something pushes us to weep, it is because that is so dear to us. Because we love that something or someone so much, their separation or loss is unbearable to us. The pain of that separation is what causes us to weep, shed tears. It can be a moment of extreme joy, true reunion, a real painful sorrow, a moment of deep pride, a sense of achievement, an instance of sheer disbelief, a natural pain due to physical torture – all of it gushes tears out of us. Tears are dear friends of our true emotions. The more emotional we are, the more we weep. The more we weep, our emotions get balanced. Tears are sometimes seen as a weakness. One who weeps is categorized as someone who is weak. Tears are seen as enemies of pride. “The more stiff you are, the more stable you are”. This is the problem of today’s world. We match unnecessary beliefs to our lives and make it ever complex. Tears are the best expressions of emotions and so let them be. Let tears flow incessantly when you have to express.

Weeping empties you, only to embrace something new.

If tears are merely expressions, why do you have to hide it. If you are natural, let tears flow. When you cry, you realize you feel better in your head after a while. The more you suppress yourself, the more damage it does to you. The more pain it brings physically and mentally. Getting the emotions out of your system is by weeping. If that is the way to do it, there is nothing to hide. Let it flow. The minute you have cleared it out of you, joy rushes in. The void of the emotion in you has to be replaced with something, and that something is joy. You can never welcome something if you are not empty. Weeping empties you, only to embrace something new. As humans we can never be stuck in an emotion for long, if we force ourselves to be stuck – our mind goes haywire. It cannot handle it, so it acts differently to make us mad. The natural instinct is to let go of that emotion which is bogging you down. Tears help you let go of the emotion. How much ever you are deeply hurt by something or someone, it can stay only for a part of your life. No doubt those times of your life is hard and painful. But – let it pass. let it go. The key to do that is to weep.

Be sorrowful for that time you cry, be conscious that this will also pass.

Give yourself that chance to howl in pain, only to embrace the warmth in love. 

Let go of yourself amidst all the sorrow, just to know joy and smile are doting your path.

Beyond right and wrong


“Out beyond right and wrong, there is a field – I will meet you there!” ~ Rumi

We are surrounded by rules. Over the human evolution – one thing we have created more than anything is the borders in which we are bound. There are borders for society, our life, our geographies, our behaviour, our mannerisms and eventually to our heart as well. These are supposed to bring order in our chaotic lives. There is someone entrusted with the responsibility to maintain these borders, and punish if someone is not in that boundary. We have completely bound our minds. When we bind our minds to the rules we made or make – eventually our soul struggles to fit into these rules and succumbs to it. We have to consciously remember, that rules were made by us. Everything which binds us is made my humankind. Since we as intelligent beings started to live and occupy this land, we have made rights and wrongs. We must also understand that these laws came into existence in the first place – simply because we have stopped listening to ourselves. We have ignored our true voices that is why we do things against ourselves. The more we do things against our nature, we condition ourselves to that. That is when we need rules and law.

When we move beyond rules, we find a place where our soul is free.

The true nature of soul is free. Unbound from all these bonds. Why do you need the rules of right and wrong? only to bind you to this world. Every rule is made to bind you more. We have to realise that our purpose of life is to unbind ourselves. We have to be free like our true nature which will take us out of this circle of life, sufferings. You have to go beyond the rules humanity has made. We are bound to our families, our societies, our relationships, our money, our property, our work, our friends, our happiness and our sorrows. The minute you move away from these bindings, you will realise you are totally free. You will see your beloved there. You will see your fellow souls there. You will meet your soulmate there. That is the plane which is free. That is the plane where you listen to your heart and be true to your own self. That plane there is absolutely nothing wrong or right. That plane is bliss.

Constantly look for that plane which will unbind you. That plane where you can be true. That plane is just within you. Yearn to meet your souls there. Unbinding is unlearning everything you know. Peel yourself from these rules, the true you is waiting to embrace you.